Critic At Large, Los Angeles Times

From the LA Times, May 2016:

With these 10 writers, we will investigate our culture through the conversations that books anchor, in deep dives and in real time. We will explore the mysteries of reading and writing; consider the achievements, acknowledged and under-acknowledged, of the writers who have come before; question the roles of race, heritage, class and gender in what we read; take on the vagaries of the publishing industry, and more.

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Articles So Far…

  1. ESSAY: What you don’t know about Gabriel Garcia Marquez [pdf] [link]
  2. My Great American Novel: ‘The Princess Bride’ by William Goldman [link]
  3. How novelist Fernando Vallejo’s work reveals Colombia’s deep divisions [link]
  4. Derek Walcott’s poetry had grandeur, an exuberance of language [link]